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Motorcycle & ATV Suspension services 

Regardless of where you ride your motorcycle or ATV the suspension system is a critical component to your safety and experience. And it’s important to keep the suspension in good working order. There are some signs that may indicate it’s time to bring your bike or ATV in for suspension services:

  • The ride feels rough.
  • When going into a turn the front end shakes.
  • There is reduced control or traction when steering.
  • The front end drives rough or locks up.
  • The rear end falters when riding on bumpy surfaces.

If you are experiencing any of these it may be time to bring it to Star Cycles located in Tallahassee. Our suspension services include:

  • Routine Service: We’ll change the fluids and check the parts for damage. In addition the forks and shocks are taken apart, cleaned and reassembled.
  • Re-build fork and shock: This is basically the same as our routine service but all the major worn components are replaced (e.g., scrapers, seal heads, bushings).
  • Re-valve suspension: Re-valving includes the basic routine service, and reworking the internal valving system within the fork or shock. In addition to all the re-valve work, the springs may need to be modified or changed, depending on the bike and rider.

In addition we offer setup suspension for new bikes and ATVs. We’ll adjust the suspension to match your weight and height and riding purposes

Our technicians at Star Cycles in Tallahassee are trained to provide you with the best suspension for your bike. We customize the work we do for your bike or ATV suspension and are experienced with all makes and models. WE look forward to enhancing your riding performance. Stop in or give us a call at 850-385-7827.